• Carhartt socks Artic wool boot WDUHW6TPV

Carhartt socks Artic wool boot WDUHW6TPV

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"I think if a man wears an article, which I do, his self esteem is increased, because he knows that he is made by honest manufacturers, which is honest to his employees." That said Hamilton Carhartt, the founder of the brand, more than 100 years ago about its products. The Embassy is today just as up to date and is taken just as seriously, as at that time. Carhartt Workwear is available since 1889 for extremely hard-wearing work clothing is always comfortable. Designtechnisch, Carhartt is always one: classic American with a traditional, timeless chic. As a result, that Carhartt Workwear is worn well away from the construction sites and workshops. No matter, where you're wearing Carhartt, you can be sure, that the promise of the former founder still applies. Outworking them all since 1889.

Carhartt socks Artic wool boot WDUHW6TPV

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